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Yoga Description

Body Flow: This Les Mills class is a combination of Yoga, Thi Chi and Pilates that helps build strength and flexibility. This class will leave you feeling centered and calm.

Beginner Yoga: Our Beginner Yoga classes are classes designed to introduce and instruct basic Yoga technique. The classes usually involve Warm-up Exercises, Standing & Sitting Poses and Twists. Also incorporated are poses and backbends designed to release tension, increase mobility and improve balance, strength and agility. Finishing Poses are usually used at the end of sessions as a cooling-down exercise. Participates are encouraged to work at their own pace and comfort level.

Beginner/Intermediate Yoga: Our Intermediate Yoga classes incorporate the basic poses and introduce more advanced poses while focusing more on proper technique. More emphasis is made on relaxation and breathing techniques as well. These classes incorporate a wide variety of Hatha Yoga techniques to prepare participates for more advanced classes.

Mat Pilates: Learn the fundamentals of Pilates floor exercises and the principles of breathing, concentration and coordination in a friendly, supportive environment. Improve coordination, posture, body awareness, and strength. This class provides a low-impact workout for people of all ages and health backgrounds. The approach is tailored to each person's needs so you leave feeling healthier and more invigorated. We offer both Level I and Level II classes.

Tai Chi: An ancient Chinese form of movement which requires the coordination of your body that focuses on the cultivation of internal energy. The aim of Tai Chi is to harmonize the mind, body and spirit hence, promoting both metal and physical well being through relaxation. Tai Chi is use as a form of meditation with deep breathing combined with a series of movements which is structure continuously.

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