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The Westside Tennis Academy (WTA) teaches juniors tennis techniques, strategy and competition in a fun, progressive environment. The overall goal is to provide an environment which is conducive for growth and improvement. Good character, ethical behavior and good sportsmanship are taught at all levels of the Academy, for those skills offer the greatest level of enjoyment and success.

Westside Tennis Academy is run by Koko Gantchev and Ivan Ivanov for the championship and super-championship players. The academy is one of the leading junior tennis programs in the state of Texas. WTA possesses highly motivated coaches who, through direct involvement and example, stimulate players to perform at their very best at all times. They accomplish this while promoting an atmosphere of intense training combined with camaraderie and fun. Whether you train with WTA for a month or a full year, you join a special family focused on helping you fulfill your personal dreams.

WTA coaches children using the QuickStart System which incorporates a smaller court size and low compression balls to expedite development and consistency.
Ages: 5-10 years old

WTA’s Junior Development program uses a regular tennis ball and full court play. This program emphasizes learning the game of tennis and encourages students to compete with a drive to improve their performance. This program welcomes all level players who simply enjoy the game of tennis.
Ages: 11-16 years old
Days: Tu & Th Time: 5-6:30pm

WTA’s ZAT program is designed for students taking their first steps into organized tournament play. ZAT Level includes overall tennis-specific skills, fun and games. WTA emphasizes establishing a proper and solid technical foundation. WTA introduces simple strategy, tactics and patterns of play. Players take their first steps into conditioning while transitioning from overall motor skills development into tennis-specific speed and agility training.
Ages: 14 years & under

Students must qualify to be coached at this level. It is designed for the seasoned junior player with a few years’ experience in the USTA tournament system. This level of player demonstrates a technically sound performance. WTA focuses improvements by addressing small details, as this is the stage where a player transforms from a “ball striker” to a “tennis player”. WTA emphasizes in-depth analysis and understanding of court positioning, phases of the game, and proper shot selection. WTA offers an introduction to the mental and emotional aspect of the game. WTA also continues tennis-specific physical conditioning with the addition of strength and endurance training, while continuing speed and agility training.
Ages: Not age specific


Junior Tournaments
Junior club tournaments are held throughout the year to allow the young players to compete and improve their tennis skills. Trophies are awarded. Play is based on age group levels.  Tournament draw formats are used with consolation draws to guarantee 2 matches per player. 

Junior Grand Prix Tournament
This is a series of one day tournaments that culminate in an overall winner based on points tallied at the end of the year. Pro set format in point series championship. This is a great way to meet other young tennis players! Tournaments are played on the fourth Saturday of each month, March through October.

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