Westside Tennis & Fitness
Prime Fitness
Westside Tennis & Fitness offers specific programming with our active aging adults in mind.  Tennis programming and specially designed fitness classes and programming are vital to our aging membership staying healthy.

Group Fitness Classes
Westside offers a variety of Prime Life group exercise classes during afternoon hours. From Yoga to Weight Training classes, we can help you design a program to meet your needs.

Tennis Programming
Tennis is the sport of a lifetime.  Our senior ladies league offers an indoor league for ladies to round robin play each Tuesday afternoon.
Thursdays from 2-4 is our Senior Tennis Mixer.  This mixer rotates players in a mixed doubles/doubles format of play and is complimentary.

Adult Swim Club
Westside Tennis & Fitness Adult Swim club is an organized program of swimming for adults.  Swimming is an incredible strength and endurance sport that does not put pressure on the joints.  At Westside Tennis & Fitness we offer coached practices early morning and evening.

Water Aerobic Classes
Water aerobics (AquaFit) group exercise is offered Spring through Fall.  These classes are a good way to get a great cardiovascular workout with water resistance.  A recommended exercise for our aging adult population.

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