Westside Tennis & Fitness
Personal Training Facilities

Westside Tennis & Fitness has an exclusive personal training area designed specifically for our trainers to work with their clients in a more secluded environment. This a has a natural cork floor and a variety of tools and equipment to customize your work out.

Our Fitness Center also has a large variety of exercise equipment, free weights and other training equipment to maximize your personal training experience.

Tread Wall
Enjoy the fun and fitness side of Rock Climbing without the danger.

Free Motion Vibration Machine
For the client wanting a more intense workout the vibration machine is a great addition to your personal training program.  The concept of vibration is to put additional stress on the muscles for a more intense workout. Vibration also increases the need for balance therefore working more of the core and muscle toning.  This equipment has risks associated with certain medical conditions and must be monitored by a trained professional.

Jacobs Ladder
The Ultimate Fitness Experience. Reach your max cardio workout fast with this self powered unit used by the Military, Police and Fire to train.

Water Rower
We offer the new water rowing machine that actually uses real water for a realistic experience with fluid resistance.

Regardless of your fitness needs, Westside offers a first class facility and state of the art equipment to customize your workout.

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