Westside Tennis & Fitness

Westside Tennis & Fitness has 3 studios for our group exercise programs.  Each studio has been specifically designed for each class.                             
Cycling Studio
The cycling studio has been designed and arranged for a great cycling experience.  Our instructor is visible to all participants and lighting is just right for cycling classes. 

Studio A
Our 3000 square foot studio is one of the finest in the city. This is our primary group exercise studio for the majority of the classes we offer.  The cork flooring is the ultimate in "green" products, as the life of a cork tree is extended by a decade each time it is de-barked.  From a member perspective, the cork floor stays at room temperature to eliminate cold flooring on bare feet, and offers a softer impact than traditional hard wood floors. The room includes mats, balls, blocks, bands, steps and free weights for the classes we offer.                                                                                 

Studio B
Our secondary studio located off our main fitness area is where most of our specialized classes are offered. Equipped with Ballet bars and adjacent to our PT room, this class is perfect for many of the specialized classes unique to Westside. 


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