Westside Tennis & Fitness
Golf is a great practice sport at Westside Tennis & Fitness.  Our indoor golf area is designed for the avid or recreational player to practice their golf skills.  Golf balls are available by the basket for our member use with presentation of membership cards.  For safety reasons, golf clubs must be brought by the club member.

Indoor Practice Tees
Our automated indoor practice tees are the absolute state-of-the-art golf practice systems available.  The tees are positioned facing a chipping green set up with a golf netting area.  When you practice your drive, the tee automatically tees up another ball for your next practice shot.  The tees are able to be adjusted for height.  No more bending and no more tee expense!  Westside Tennis & Fitness has three right handed tee boxes and one left handed box.  Players may also improve their chipping by practicing off the smooth astroturf surface.

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