Westside Tennis & Fitness
Fitness Amenities

Westside Tennis & Fitness provides a warm comfortable workout environment meeting all your personal needs.  We aim to make your fitness regimen one that is engulfed in comfort and luxury. We offer a wide variety of equipment and training tools for our members to customize their work out.

Complimentary Fitness Evaluations
With the "Visual Fitness Planner", our professional staff will walk you through a computerized program, answering simple questions,  to ascertain your fitness level based on the national average. Our staff will calculate your body mass index, body fat percentage and exposure to certain health risks.  The VFP will show you a "virtual" image of your current body image and what you can look like once you have met various fitness levels.  Our staff will map out a program geared toward reducing your risks of health issues, weight loss and wellness, incorporating our club facilities and various complimentary programs.

Water Stations
Our fitness area offers water and ice stations for our member enjoyment.  Complimentary water bottles are available upon club enrollment to add to your workout experience. 

Towel Service
Towels are available throughout the club for our members use.

Disinfectant Wipes
Disinfectant wipes are available throughout the fitness areas for our member's use and comfort of cleanliness.

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