Westside Tennis & Fitness
Westside Tennis & Fitness offers the ultimate in baseball and softball batting cages for our members use.  Four indoor cages and a pitching lane allow for our youth to stay prepared and ready for the baseball season.  With the lanes complimentary, it offers a great economic value to the membership.
Children must be 10 years of age or above to use lanes without parental supervision.  Bats, balls and helmets are provided with membership card presentation.

Battting Cages
Our batting cages are indoor cages, using the ultimate automatic ball pitching machines.  These machines are set at a pace of 40 - 60 mph for batting practice on a fast ball pitch.  With instruction and club professional supervision, the machines may be set to produce a wide variety of pitches, making the hitting experience the ultimate in batting practice.
Softball Cage
One of our cages is specifically set with a softball machine for softball hitting practice.  The machine is set at an appropriate speed and may be adjusted if necessary.

Pitching Lane
Our pitching lane is available with a safety pitching frame to ensure safety of the pitcher.  An artificial mound is available as well for the pitcher to practice a real time experience.  Parents may use the lane for practicing with their youth.

T Ball
T ball stands are available for the young upcoming player to develop their hitting skills.